Saturday, 3 November 2012

Review - Rasa Sayeng Express

Hey, remember my when I was waxing lyrical about the significance of beef rendang and how I was really sad Rasa Sayeng had shut down? Well, the Oxford Street branch might have closed down but THERE'S ONE IN CHINATOWN. We'd planned to get dim sum in Leong's Legends but then there was a queue and we were really hungry and there was an essay to be written so we were in a rush. It was all a bit antsy. But then we ran out and satisfied our real desire. RENDANG. He said it was one of the best things he's ever tasted. This is one of the few things we agree on. 
I'm exaggerating for effect. We also usually manage to agree on two things we both like enough from a menu to share. (Not being able to share food is a deal breaker for me.) Our first choice was of course rendang. Always rendang. Choosing the second dish was difficult since there was so much that sounded appetising. Canai roti, some kind of delicious spicy seafood? Eventually we opted for hokkien mee as it had noodles (rendang comes with rice) and a mix of chicken, seafood and pork (as opposed to beef). Let's start with that since I started with that. The noodles were slippery and dark with soy and peppered with morsels of delicious protein and thinly sliced vegetable. It had a slight aniseed flavour to it which set it aside from other, boring noodle dishes. I'm glad I finished with the rendang because I love leaving the best until last. It really is the best. It resembles being slapped in the face by a chilli and citrus glove. That might not sound very pleasant to you but that's the kind of thing I'm really into.

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