Friday, 23 November 2012

Review - Thai Garden

I love lists. Really, they're my fave. I keep lots. One is for general things I need to remember to do, one is for places I need to remember to go ('a calendar') but others are things people don't often keep in lists. Books I want to read, films I want to see. Well, maybe they are quite common lists to keep. Lists of places I might want to (and be able to afford to) live in London is another, perhaps less common. Another is 'things I want to do in London'. Being constantly surrounded by museums and galleries and posters advertising things on at these museums and galleries means this list is constantly growing. How do I go about going through the list? Do I start with the free things? Do I do it by location? I rarely have the hindsight to think 'oh I'll just pop to the Natural History Museum before going to tutor the Gilbertsons'. Indeed, I haven't even managed to go to the things near me that I want to go to. I was talking about how I live around the corner from the Museum of Childhood and someone remarked that I won't go there all year. I WILL. I just haven't yet. Although they do have a point, the places closest are overlooked. Like the Thai Garden. In my first conversation with our landlord, he mentioned that it was a great place to eat and that it had won an award for best vegetarian restaurant (according to Time Out) a few years back. Yet I didn't manage to go there until last weekend. In fact, I didn't even go there.  I got a visitor to pick up food from there on the way from the train station. We had a brief argument about whether to order the lobster or not. 'Thai restaurants rarely do lobster! And this is only £12!' quoth the raven. 'But that's still more expensive than anything else we'd order' the bear replied. The raven compromised because she was taking lessons in compromise. The compromise was ordering the marinaded tuna. The other dish was supposed to be a prawn-noodle thing but it came with rice instead.
The rice was so lovely and sticky that we could hardly be disappointed. Heavy with flavour but still well balanced with succulent little pieces of king prawn. Glossy pak choi and fresh chilli peppered the mixture and the whole thing was topped off with ripe, sweet tomato. So good. The tuna was a little disappointing. I think it was more that it didn't suit my tastes than it wasn't done well. Made entirely with raw ingredients, carrot, tomato, chilli and lots of other wonders and doused in vinegary sharp marinade. The tuna was rare in the middle but had been cooked on the outside (it's hard to tell whether it was from the acid or it was cooked over heat) and retained a slight bitterness. I preferred the more base, simple prawn dish but I think that was just me failing to have grown up tastes. Sigh.

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