Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Review - Yeti Nepalese

Despite my protests, I was dragged back to Oxford. Apparently it's good to compromise and be not-selfish even in the face of a double bed. Going back to Oxford held the treat of everything seeming really cheap. Upon arrival, I got a decent coffee and a slab of baklava for £3! For dinner that evening, we went to Yeti Nepalese. We'd been planning on going there before but then we were hungry and it seemed really far, especially when compared with the distance to Makan La. We were expected at a party down those endz anyway and this time, the hunger was the result of our own tardiness rather than because I was on a smelly bus. I was still really hungry though and not at all impressed to see that our table wasn't ready when we got there. Indeed, another couple who clearly hadn't booked were sat before us. After a fifteen minute wait, we sat and ordered straight away since we'd had plenty of time to iron out all in decisions. The food still took another twenty minutes to come. I was so grouchy. I started by bringing up volatile topics, seemingly for the purpose of being unpleasant. I then went on to decide that I was just too hungry to speak and so all I could do was look. Dave was not impressed. I think he was about to leave when our rim jhim duck, sherpaali lamb and prawns came.
'They say hunger is the best relish but I'm not sure it was the hunger making this taste so good.' That's what I'd say if I lacked self awareness and enjoyed talking in cliches. But I accept that my hunger probably made me enjoy it even more than I otherwise would. That's not to say I wouldn't have enjoyed it if I hadn't been hungry. I most certainly would have. The duck was a flurry of colour, fiery reds and umbers which reflected the spice. There were crunchy bits of green pepper throughout which provided fresh relief. The lamb was more recognisably influenced by Indian cooking, it had the deep brown of the delicious stewed meats I'm accustomed to eating at home. And the potatoes had done the glorious flavour sponge thing that I always mention again. The prawns were crisp but wet and accompanied by a carefully chosen array of leaves and chutney. All really good (and less than £30) but not quite worth the wait.

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