Monday, 17 December 2012

Review - City Spice

I've lived a fifteen minute walk from Brick Lane for three months now. Yet in that time I've not once been to Beigel Bake to get a hot salt beef sandwich. There's just too much to do and try! My list is growing much more quickly than I can contain. Alas. Possibly even more of a travesty than the fact I hadn't been to Beigel Bake is the fact that I hadn't been for cheap BYO curry either. This has now been rectified since a friend from Oxford came to visit so we could actually converse instead of me flailing my arms and asking it was a good idea to tell people guilty secrets. (It wasn't, it never is.) That is what we did. We ate, drank sensibly and talked about Zionists. Oh and also this guy used us as a prop in a magic trick. That was probably the most fun bit. We haggled and got a starter, main, rice AND naan for £12. I went for the sev purée and sag lamb (extra spicy). I did not get drunk and talk in Bengali to the waiters.
I did, however, get too drunk to photograph my main so you'll just have to enjoy that spring roll like picture. Crispy and hot and dry with oil, the filling contained the familiar taste of home: turmeric. Slight chilli heat nicely offset by the mango chutney which I suspect was from a jar. The main was just the right level of spicy; sinus clearing but not scorching. Lamb was tender and stringy. The spinach didn't glow like I wanted it to. All in all a decidedly average curry. That's why I made this post so average. I enjoy matching.

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