Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Review - E Pellicci

I was going to write a blog about resourceful recipes. Since I was in financial dire straits, I had to be incredibly thrifty and did this by buying ten ingredients and make them make 9 meals. I'm very smug and pleased with myself but in a 'I darned some socks' way not in a 'Look at my Goldman Sachs Christmas bonus' way. Anyway, partly to reward myself and partly because I'd run out of ingredients, I treated myself to lunch on Friday. I can't remember why E Pellicci caught my eye. I think I read about it before I saw it; I remember the crisp sign with clean lettering outside surprising me as it seemed quite at odds with the Italian mama's cooking in massive portions it was reputed to serve. I remember the phrase 'gem of East London' coming up too. I also remember reading that phrase on some yuppie blog and then being surprised to see one of the first things on the menu as grilled liver with onions for around £5. Whatever it was that intrigued me, it went on the list a while ago. Unfortunately, its evasive opening hours made it tricky to find open. It's only ever open until 4 and not at all on Sundays. We had plans to go After The Party but we functioned so late that we went to Cafe 338 instead. I've found that my lists of places to go and things to do only get shorter if I make concrete plans and set a day to do them. Friday was set aside for E Pellicci and Death. Why do I keep going to these lovely, big-portioned cafes on days when I can barely eat? It's very silly of me. Also, I had little decision making ability so it took over ten minutes to choose something from the lengthy and various menu. This was particularly crappy because I was already ten minutes late meeting my lunchure (lunch-and-culture) buddy and not in a particularly together conversation making state. This was made all the worse later at the Wellcome Trust when a minorly bad phone call totally set me off kilter and spaced me out EVEN MORE. SORRY BECKY. Anyway, eventually I ordered the chicken rusticana to go with the liver and onions she'd settled on ages ago.
I'm pleased with my choice! The breast was succulent and tangy with lemon. The topping was SUBLIME. Waxy and zingy with lemon and parsley. The broccoli was a little waterlogged but who cares when it's coated in mellow yellow (cheese) sauce? Chips were crisp and lovely to soak in gravy. I'm so sad I didn't finish this. 

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