Friday, 7 December 2012

Review - The Fox & Anchor

One time, I had fish fingers for Christmas dinner at the Haque family. We try to do Christmas but it just doesn't usually work out because we go to buy food too late and (crucially) no one drinks. Well, I drink, but not in front of my parents. Never in front of my parents. If I ever get married, I'm going to have to elope because the alcohol-friends-parents combination will be a logistical NIGHTMARE. Anyway, since Christmas doesn't really happen for me but one time I got to do Christmas proper so I know what I'm missing, I am keen to try and do proper Christmas (or at least a half decent attempt at it) with as many people as possible. So far, I have four organised already. I don't usually have time to cook time-investment meals anymore so many of these will have to be bought. Christmas menus are expensive. All I wanted was a place which did vaguely Christmassy food which I didn't have to have in a three course structure with at least five other people. It seems that that's quite hard to come by in central London. Nevertheless, three hours of googling revealed one such place. The Fox & Anchor. We went there for a last meal. CHRISTMAS DINNER NUMBER ONE WOOOOO.
The turkey was moist (if a little boring) although I would've preferred a leg or a thigh. I love thigh. The stuffing was sweet but salty with sausage and had artfully arranged cabbage. The roast potatoes were crispy but not quite fluffy enough and a little overseasoned. Red cabbage was tart but sticky, as were the parsnips and carrots. The gravy was dark and glossy, the chestnuts were divine! The mulled wine was spicy and full of orange and anise, mm. Pretty satisfying overall although at £60 for two (with a bottle of red), it might've been a little more satisfying. Still, the pub has a sparkly, festive atmosphere while at the same time retaining the sombre, conservative English pub mood. I'll be returning to try their rabbit pie. 

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