Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Review - Lupita

It's very difficult to judge things objectively, isn't it? (Is it annoying when I make statements but frame them as rhetorical questions?) So many factors will influence an opinion: mood, company, hunger who a recommendation came from. I discussed this in detail in a blog post that I was too kind (or worried) to post but I'm bringing this up again because I had a crap experience at a restaurant which I went to with the boring person who suggested it. I thought I'd stopped being enamoured by people who turn out to be awful. I thought that my people-palate had developed with my food-palate. Evidently not. The first time, I was drunk and filled with new friend enthusiasm and coincidentally, we went to an excellent pasta place. The second time, I was slightly less in the mood for new friends and his company didn't do much to extinguish that mood since he told an awful, unfunny anecdote about bodily gas. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE AND YOUR SURROUNDINGS. I didn't think as much of the food the second time. This time, we went somewhere at his suggestion. Another 'lunchure' day. I enjoyed neither the food nor the gallery. I don't know whether that was because the company was so poor that the time dragged or because the restaurant was suggested by company so poor. I think that's enough bitching for now, let's talk about the food. I ordered the pork pibil taco and rice. He ordered the roasted vegetable enchilada and it was presented to look like a bowl of pasta.
It's strange to receive food which is perfectly textured but tastes off kilter. The taste was primarily bitter and as though it had been burnt. I'm struggling to give any other descriptions because the bitterness was so overpowering. The mellowness of the cheese made the bites with cheese in quite pleasant but there wasn't much cheese around. The rice was lacklustre and tasted barely of anything. Overall, I wasn't very pleased or satisfied or even very full. To make things worse, the service was slow, my food didn't come until Boring had almost finished his and it wasn't as cheap as it should've been.

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