Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Review - Angrid Thai

Remember this conversation? Of course you don't. Well, firstly, I'm glad to report that Contrary and Earnest and I have managed to maintain a friendship filled with silly conversations in the post-Oxford days. Secondly, I can report that I've somewhat changed my view on what I like to do with capitalised Friends. (The word boyfriend makes me think of playing kiss-chase in a playground and makes me squirm.) While I'm still happy to do nothing but laze around and eat pudding, I've now been persuaded by the idea that it's actually fun to do activities too. There's plenty of time for lazing around AND doing activities. In fact, I think a balance is desirable. In recent times, I keep being reminded of how it's enjoyable to go to galleries and shows and even (sometimes) to clubs (as long as you don't lose your phone) with partners. The last one was just a weirdo who didn't like doing anything except holding opinions on philosophy so stringent that it made normal conversation difficult. As a result, I'm still surprised when I suggest going somewhere and the response is an unhesitating, unquestioning yes. I suppose I should've realised earlier that if someone always refuses to do things you suggest, they're probably a bit of a miser who's incompatible with you. I KNOW BETTER NOW. I really should've realised when they stopped meeting me at the station for no good reason(/rowing). It's nice to have someone to help with bags/generally hold one's hand through life. It's especially nice when that person registers that you're super-hungry and so you stop off somewhere on the way home for dinner. Angrid Thai! Two separate people had previously mentioned it to me. In particular, they'd mentioned that it looks rather scuzzy but was surprisingly tasty. And very, very cheap.
We were persuaded by the penang duck and the suspiciously generic spicy thai noodle with beef. I know I always describe noodles as slippery (and I wish I didn't since I started reading Alan Hollinghurst) but that's what they were! When I use that word, I mean they're evenly coated in just the right amount of sauce. These particular noodles were dark with soy and spicy with sriracha. The beef tasted as if it had been marinaded and was evenly soft and the vegetables retained the crunch that I recognise as a positive sign. Tasty but forgettable. The penang on the other hand was humming with lemongrass. The sauce somehow managed to taste balanced and interestingly while keeping lemongrass as the key flavour. The duck could've done with being a little crispier but had soaked up the lovely ambience of the sauce. The pork belly skewers managed to be soft despite not being slow cooked and had a smoky, deep marinade. I wish I had discovered place this while living in Oxford.

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