Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Review - Banh Mi Bay

Meeting friends' parents is interesting for two reasons. Firstly, you get to compare the stories with the actuality. In general, the stories are negative so it's not hard for parents to fare better than the stories indicated they would. The funniest stories featuring Mama Haque are never the ones where she's most reasonable so why would I recount them? The more fun bit is spotting the traits that they share and seeing how they came to be the people they are. As a friend remarked after noticing that both my mother and I wear flip flops indoors because we hate getting our feet even a little bit wet, it's bizarre the things you inherit. Well, the behaviours are more likely learned than inherited but the point still stands. I was very curious to meet Incredibly Good Looking's parents. His main stories involving his dad included references to gout and (lots of) wine while 'Jan' mainly featured to cajole him. They do those things but what I found much more amusing was their habit of mocking his sartorial choices. The other contexts I've seen them in have mainly displayed their love of good food. Presumably that's what led to the gout. Most recently, I joined the Good Lookings at Banh Mi Bay in Holborn. I ordered the and tried a spring roll.
I enjoyed the texture of the almost transparent noodles, they were slippery but firm. I enjoyed that the vegetables were cleanly flavoured and firm. I very much enjoyed the subtle tones and softness of the pork. My one criticism is that it all lacked a little something. I'm not sure what. Maybe pizzazz? Maybe vim? I'm struggling with this list of three now. Adding chilli sauce made up the shortfall to a degree but didn't quite mask it. The spring rolls on the other hand had none of that issue, the pork and prawn combined subtly with vegetables almost stewed in flavour were a little treat.

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