Sunday, 6 January 2013

Review - Sheba

Who does she think she is? The queen of bloody Sheba?! I would be making a similarly bad joke about Aladdin as I'd actually done some research on which places on Brick Lane actually do good food as opposed to decidedly average food which still tasted alright because curry is as hard to do badly as it is to do well. Inevitably, before we got to Aladin, a peddler stopped us and offered us £12 for starter, main, rice, a free drink and 25% off at the off licence and that just seemed too resistible to turn down. Once we got inside, we saw that the £12.50 set menu meant that we were really only getting a 50p discount and a free drink. Still, free drinks are hard to come by in this part of the world. The exception being if you have a sugar daddy, of course. I was informed of all the economics of sugar daddy daddy relationships by someone much too homely to find one themselves on NYE. I, the sugar daddy repeller, am not yet in a position to deny free drinks. And so we say down to our Cobra beers with our discounted wines and chose onion bhajis, chicken tikka, vegetable organ josh, lamb madras and lamb bhuna.
The bhajis were alright but a little bitter and too heavy. Still enjoyable in that way most fried food is though, especially with the yoghurt sauce to cut through it. The madras was average in that edible enough way so characteristic of Brick Lane and had a sprinkle too much salt in it. The bhuna was uncharacteristically delicious. Sweet, salt and finely balanced, this was meaty, spicy delightfulness. The sauce had been cooked until it was sticky and deep and made you want to scrape that karahi with the last few pieces of naan. The queen of Sheba would go back for this.

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