Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Review - Suey Hong

I've been rather quiet recently. I can explain it! It's a very boring explanation. I've been at home to write essays on some super-cheery topics ('what is death?') because home has no chores. While shopping for food and cooking can be quite pleasing, they're still chores and so I haven't had to do those either. As nice as it is to not have to consider feeding yourself because parents with 25 years of cooking experience are doing the considering on your behalf, it means three hasn't been much to blog about. And my parents don't really do restaurants. Well, sometimes I've made them but that's usually been when they've come to visit me in Oxford and they feel nice seeing me well fed. But when I'm at home I'm constantly well fed with delicious ricey goodness so that reason isn't very applicable. They just don't really enjoy the eating out experience that much so it would be a bit dick-daughter of me to make them. That was a really circuitous way of me saying I haven't been cooking or eating out so nothing to blog about. I recognise that sometimes my blog isn't very food related at all but I haven't had much non-food related stuff to report either. My life is very predictable and boring to recount. It was before but it's even more so now. I go to class, I tutor, I read The Economist on the tube, I make the occasional job/internship application, I cook, I eat, I go to art galleries, I clean, I see my boyfriend and every two weeks I drink too much, annoy people then apologise about it afterwards. Enjoyable (not the cleaning) but hardly riveting. The last of these activities is what I did last night as is expected of a twenty-something on new year's eve. Before embarking upon embarrassment central, we cracked open some half price cava and ate super-cheap Chinese from around the corner. I went for beef chow mein, my little friend went for chicken chow mein. It was thick and greasy and slurpy and sticky and slippery. Absolutely devoid of nutritional value and not very pretty. However, the beef had been fried in a mixture of sauces to give it a glaze. While it wasn't the most balanced glaze in the world, it tasted pretty good. There were no vegetables in the chow mein either but at least the onions and beansprouts were soft but still had a bit of bite. It had no refinement or finesse but it cost £4.20 for a large and didn't give me food poisoning as I was semi-expecting it to. I think this will become a regular for lazy evenings.

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