Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Review - Beigel Bake

I have been to this place seven times so it's remarkable that I haven't yet reviewed it. It's not the same as going to a restaurant seven times though. You go, you see a really long queue which magically only takes about five minutes to shorten, you buy super cheap bagels and treats and you don't Instagram a photo of them. You leave and you munch on the walk back. It is is no way a remarkable affair but it's probably my favourite 'sandwich' shop in all of the world so it deserves a review. It's on Brick Lane so usually when I go here, I've just eaten and I'm accompanying someone else and I'm too full to eat. Back when I was younger and had a higher metabolism, I had curry AND bagels. Well, the first time, I had apple turnover. The pastry was so flaky and crisp and coated with crystals of sugar that you could picture them fusing onto the pastry. Within, there were apples. Tart, acidic, soft apples. If you get cakes from here, get apples. The strudel is sweeter but still full of apply goodness. The apple danish is a cinnamon infused treat. But it's not all apples. Most recently, I bought a brownie. A sticky brownie that I couldn't resist even though I was already buying something else. The overwhelming flavour in the brownie is sugar rather than chocolate but it's damn good sugar. The same sugar which they use in the firm, slightly bouncy bagels. (This photo is not worth including but I can't have two photoless posts in a row.)
The bagels are so perfect and flavoursome that I could eat a plain one. I completely understand why my  friend who lives in Dulwich buys bagels from here to take home and freeze. A defrosted bagel from here is worth a hundred fresh bagels from elsewhere. I had mine filled with hot, salt beef. There is no interesting way to describe what it tastes like apart from to say that it is hot, it is salty and it is filled with so much wonderfully cooked beef. I'm only sad that they're a bit slapdash with the mustard so I ended up with a mustardy last mouthful when I would've liked a mustardy every mouthful. 

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