Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Review - Burger and Lobster

This post was going to be about Bogayo but, as I explained to someone at that meal, I can't review everywhere restaurant that I eat at. I don't generally review if I've been there before, if I feel like what I ordered was unrepresentative or if I wasn't in a position to review. By the time the food came in Bogayo, I'd already had too much wine to finish my food (sad) and didn't feel very discerning. (From what I do remember, the lamb shank was falling off the bone and rich and what a shame that this meal didn't occur either earlier or later in the evening when I was more in the mood for eating.) Anyway, this post is about Burger and Lobster which is where I went for dinner the next day. On Saturday morning I was seriously reconsidering whether my plan to go to Burger and Lobster for dinner was well thought through. I was bringing the 'God what is going on why do I feel like this I want to claw my skin off' extra hard. I cried (for the first time in maybe three months) for about an hour because my plan to go to this exhibition was frustrated. (After a nap I realised that I probably wasn't crying just for that reason.) It didn't seem like the sort of mood that would lend itself to eating seafood particularly in light of the fact that it was a struggle to keep paracetamol down. But after having my hair brushed (too weak/feeling sorry for myself to brush my own hair) and a shower I felt like I could face food again. So with clean, brushed hair and a gradually declining feeling of nausea, we left to go to Burger and Lobster in Farringdon. We had tried to go a few weeks before but we'd gone at a stupid time with a two and a half hour wait for a table. This time, we were willing to wait up to forty five minutes but decided that if it was going to be longer, we would go to St John instead. When we got there, we were informed that we would have to wait an hour and a half for a table but alternatively we could hover impolitely around the bar until someone left and eat there instead. And that's what we did. We were particularly lucky because we ended up with a (small) table to ourselves in the corner rather than having to sit in conveyor belt fashion at the bar. Have you been here before? No, but we sort of know how it works. OK, you can either get the burger (no), the California burger (hell no), the lobster or the lobster roll. They all come with chips and salad. We would like lobster and the lobster roll, please. Garlic butter too? Please!
The lobster roll comes in a buttery brioche. It was a touch too buttery and slightly overpowered the lobster. But it was fun getting my hands all greasy. It was also fun using all the implements to crack open the various bits of lobster. The claw meat that I poked out with the strange stick thing was warm and juicy and biting into the tail reminded me of biting into fruit. Fruit which tastes like the sea! Some bits of lobster weren't as perfect as I was hoping they would be but I'm being pernickety. The garlic butter in particular added a roasted garlicky sweetness to the experience and so I doused most of my lobster in that. The filling of the roll was stuffed with meat mixed with a mayonnaise. It was cold, which was unexpected, but still tasty. The fries were crisp and bloody good, they were as salty as posh McDonald's fries. The salad had pleasing rings of onion and a smattering of croutons. Someone had been a little heavy handed with the balsamic but it was dressed rather well all the same. Probably the best thing about the meal is just how much food you get. The quality wasn't as high as I expected but it had a charming roughness about it and that made it more fun. Also they gave me an Oyster card holder at the end.

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