Monday, 25 February 2013

Review - Dishoom

We tried to go to the Breakfast Club again last Sunday but there was a really long queue, again. I should stop attempting to go on the weekend. It was kind of on a double date except that it really wasn't. But everyone there was with someone else at the table and there were only four people. What would've been awkward is if I'd decided to wear my glasses as all three other people had decided to and that would have been hilarious except also mainly awful. Anyway, after failing to go to Breakfast Club, we decided not to head towards Ginger Pig like last time and instead went to Dishoom, the 'Bombay cafe'. I've been to the Covent Garden branch of Dishoom before and now Shoreditch has had its innings. Our waitress explained to us how it works ('there aren't really starters and mains, everything comes at once and it's made for sharing') and also gave some quite insulting descriptions of food ('nothing has much sauce, it's all very dry. The biryani you're planning on ordering is particularly dry. Please get one of these 'wet' dishes as everything you've ordered is dry'). We ended up ordering ruby chicken, which had lots of sauce contrary to what the waitress said, chicken biryani, sheekh kebab, raita, vegetable samosas, roti and gunpowder potatoes. I also ordered chai and got a free glass of wine because another waitress accidentally got chutney on Stompy's jumper.
The vegetable samosas were hot and intricately spiced but the peas were cold which contrasted with the rest of the samosa which was hot and seemed to indicate it wasn't cooked through properly. Despite this, I enjoyed them. The sheekh kebab wasn't particularly interesting but again had a nice hum of chilli running through it. The roti was the perfect depth and was lovely and floury. It was a good mop for the morish sauce that enveloped the ruby chicken. The chicken itself was soft. It was equally moist both in the curry and the biryani but I preferred the curry. The cranberries in the biryani were a nice touch, though. Gunpowder potatoes were overly seasoned but only by a touch. The raita (which I don't usually like) was well balanced, the yoghurt wasn't too heavy and it had an array of fresh salad ingredients and coriander running through it. A mysterious green sauce that came with the food was made of something that I couldn't place but it was deeee-licious. 

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