Friday, 22 February 2013

Review - The Lazy Cow

We had a day trip at the expense of the Explorer's secondary school. Shakespeare productions are hard to come by in the Cayman Islands and the (private) school has so much excess cash that they bought every student a laptop. School trips for them consist of going on cruises around Mexico so it seemed like a really good use of their money to pay for the Explorer (and I) to go to Stratford-upon-Avon for the day to see The Winter's Tale. Never mind that it's my least favourite Shakespeare play and the fact that I've seen an RSC production of it before, it made for a nice day out. And I actually enjoyed this production! Anyway, that's why I was lunching in Stratford. There are lots of nice little tea rooms and pubs around but they're all virtually indistinguishable. We wanted to eat somewhere near the theatre and we saw an attractive barn like building and decided to eat there. It was a steakhouse. We didn't get steak though, we decided to go for the fatty American dishes instead: a pulled pork sandwich and a beef rib, both of which came with fries and slaw. We also ordered some steamed spinach and jalapeño poppers to counteract the heaviness of our meals.
The rib was much too sweet. They had doused it in barbecue sauce to its detriment. Even though it appeared charred, all smokiness had been extinguished by the sugar. Also, I really love fat. I have no objection to eating it and don't understand why people leave skin on their plate. But the gelatinous white layer on this rib was thicker than the meaty bit itself and was too much for even me to stomach. The chips, however, were fat and crisp and had a good amount of salt. The slaw was slathered in mayonnaise so any remnant of freshness had been totally killed. The jalapeño poppers were massive, cheesy croquettes. They were much too heavy and all the wrong ratios. The spinach was waterlogged but a refreshing change from the heart attack that was the rest of the meal.

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