Friday, 8 March 2013

Review - Bogayo

Instead of going to one of the countless other places on my list, I decided to revisit Bogayo. It was because I remembered the lustrous texture of the lamb and my food envy at those who'd ordered lamb tagine and the little fat boy in me couldn't resist. It helped that throughout February they're doing a 50% off food offer. Only if you order two courses though. We got a starter, two mains and a pudding and shared it all. Some diplomacy was necessary when deciding what to order; I submitted to prawns instead of scallops to start in return for a selection of Moroccan cakes to finish. (Secret: I ended up wanting the prawns more in the end anyway so really I got my own way twice.) The tagines were of lamb and quail.
The prawns were disappointing. Much too acidic and slightly too bitter. The tart tomato and peppery rocket that came alongside it provided no relief. The lamb was as tender and sticky as I'd remembered but the flavour was lacklustre. I mean, it tasted good but not the 'oh my god I've got to return here when I'm sober' good. However, I did still want to ask the chef how he did it and why my tagines don't end up as rich and mellow. The quail was soft yet still pink and encased in that unique citrus sweet of preserved lemon. The green olives were mellow and not too sour while the potatoes had soaked up the wonderful flavours from everything. Before dessert arrived, I felt really feverish and faint so we asked for it to go. I ate some later though: the baklava tasted as it should but I can't really comment further than that. Overall, I enjoyed the food but think I would've felt rather ripped off if I'd paid the original price.

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