Monday, 25 March 2013

Review - The Breakfast Club

 Forget this gal, I love brunch. I wholeheartedly disagree with her article. I'm tempted to find brunch annoying because it's what 'londonistas' and hipsters who take photos of food like to do and of course, as a possessor of many londonista/hwtpof traits, I loathe those people. But 'beginning' the day with far too much brightly coloured food and possibly even some ill advised alcohol is glorious. We went to The Breakfast Club, a place which tries really hard to be quirky, always has long queues and is hyped like nothing on earth. The kind of place which the aforementioned londonistas must love. And hey, I guess I have even more in common with them than I thought because I too love it.
Even with the handicap of being the kid of place which I try to hate because it's exactly the kind of place I'm expected to like, I had no choice but to melt to the superior flavour of the Boston baked beans. I oozed like the perfectly runny yolk on the solitary fried egg and was immediately comforted by the mellow, smoky, intricate beans. So delicate but with the perfect dose of stringy, umami porkiness. I would've been perfectly pleased with normal toast under this magestic topping but the French bread was inspired. It added an extra sweet rubberiness (in a good way) and made a pretty great meal stand out even further.

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