Monday, 18 March 2013

Review - Gourmet San

Gourmet San has long been on my list but every time I've tried to get food from there something's cropped up to prevent it. I was going to go on this evening and it was the restaurant that was the source of disagreement on this evening. Since the Explorer's been 'staycationing' in London to break term from revision hell, it seemed like a good time to eat out loads and maybe do some touristy things. (The eating out often left us too full for the accompanying tourist activity.) Gourmet San was the nominated takeaway for Tuesday dinner. I was so hungry I called and ordered without consulting. He didn't mind though, especially when he learnt that I'd ordered two prawn-encompassing dishes (hunanese style sea spices chilli prawn, Singapore vermicelli), meat (the lamb skewers they're famed for) and rice. Balanced and offering a semi-comprehensive sample of the menu.
Now that I've eaten the cheap, cheap offerings of Gourmet San, I no longer think Suey Hong is a good deal. This place is but a whisker dearer and the quality hands down no contest trumps. The just donenoodles were finely dressed in chilli and turmeric and contained a well proportioned balance of shredded, tender chicken, tiny prawns and juicy peppers. The prawn dish was red with deseeded chilli which added the ideal amount of heat. The prawns themselves were large, just cooked and retained their distinctive gorgeous flavour through the rest. The sauce was a little strong on the heaviness but easily combated by rice. The rice was jewelled with pak choi and fresh (not frozen!) broccoli. The lamb packed a cumin punch and managed to be smoky and soft all at once. All for £19.50 with free delivery.  

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