Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Review - Meatliquor

I've had some disappointing burger experiences recently. I read a review by Rocket and Squash about this burger place and all the talk of the aftertaste, oh, the aftertaste got me craving. Then I got really drunk one night in the local Wetherspoons and needed something to soak up the booze so much so that I couldn't wait for my sad little Tupperware box at home so I decided to go for the almost forgotten burger and beer deal. I didn't need the beer and the burger was forgettable except for the fact that I remember it wasn't what I was hoping for. Of course not. When has Wetherspoons ever been what I'm hoping for? McDonalds, on the other hand, doesn't disappoint me in the same way. But, as I learnt in the early hours after this meal, it leaves me feeling disgusted at myself and with my body. Sometimes it's fun to indulge though. I thought that on a Wednesday at Marylebone. I hoped it would be the whopper's day of the week. I was wrong, it was double rodeo. But the misleading advertising indicated to me that there was no such thing as the burger of the day in this train station. So I went for the less elaborate but more expensive cheeseburger and thought I'd get some jalapeƱo cheese bites. What a fool I am. The person behind me showed me that the burger of the day is available after all and, more significantly, it was shit. So that's what piqued my burger enthusiasm recently. Meatliquor was the first contender. We went and ordered a bacon cheeseburger and the Swiss mushroom thing. Chilli cheese fries too.
I think I preferred the cheeseburger. The cheese and bacon was sealed together, as if it had been engineered to resemble plastic cheese but with bacon instead of a plastic wrapped. The meat on both burgers had a good char, hard and meaty and full of umami. There was contrast from the pickled red onion and surprisingly mellow gherkin. The posher burger had bits of mushroom and subtler cheese. I would've liked a touch more fresh lettuce to cut through the heavy flavours packed into the little buns. Chilli cheese fries looked like mac and cheese. They came in little earthenware pot, low effort, simple presentation. I was expecting chilli peppers but instead was greeted with the carne kind. Salty and rich, it made me heady and I desperately needed water. And perhaps a different type of flavour cutting through the dizziness. Only afterwards did I realise the extra thing I was looking for was ketchup.

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