Saturday, 2 March 2013

Review - Yalla Yalla Pop Up

'Shall we sync iCals?' asked Earnest. Now, you might be wondering why this idea was suggested when we don't do business together. It was the conclusion of a very lengthy conversation about what we mean when we say 'this Saturday' and 'next Saturday'. It transpired that we both mean different days. This came to light on the Saturday in question when I was on a train to Stratford-upon-Avon and she was all 'err aren't you meant to be going to E Pellicci?' NO, that's NEXT Saturday. 'You mean a week on Saturday?' Exactly, next Saturday. We didn't sync iCals, partly because I choose to keep terrifying lists instead of using the calendar but mainly because it would be a wanky, unnecessary thing to do. But I have reconsidered since it would make organising social events much easier. I don't know why it's recently become so difficult but even when a date is decided weeks in advance, plans that reach fruition are rare. This one managed it but in skeleton form: the two 'main event' guests were missing. Nevertheless, at 10pm sat next to a glaring outside heater, we tucked into our respective platters at the Yalla Yalla Shoreditch pop-up.
I went for the street platter with the lamb shawarma while my companions both elected the Beirut platter (the same but with falafel). The hummus tasted like unadulterated salty chickpea, as hummus should. The bread which accompanied it was the right touch of floury but with a spring. The bread for the shawarma was paper thin and crisp and I enjoyed that a little more. The meat itself was delicate and soft with a strong punch of salt which heightened the experience without overpowering. My one gripe is at the tabbouleh. 'Oh, tabbouleh is that nondescript green stuff that doesn't taste of much.' Not this one, this tasted of bright citrus but a little too much. Too much lemon! Aside from that, everything was of a stand-up quality. My favourite part was the little pastry. So crumbly, matching the texture of the feta and mint within. 

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