Sunday, 7 April 2013

Review - The Big Bang

Contrary was recently lamenting that things will never be the same because we're not following similar life paths. Well, in the grand scheme of things, they're broadly similar. It's not like how we'll lead different lives to someone who was brought up in a strictly Amish community. But it won't be so solidly similar that we can rely on that alone to preserve friendships. You only need to look at someone's other friends to notice how you're definitely a periphery rather than a main player now. And then you worry you've already drifted because your lives coincide only by design and what would you even talk about? (Other people's lives carry my conversations far too much.) But every time I see this guy, these absent minded worries turn out to be unfounded. I have a great time and I notice no awkward reaching for conversation in the pauses. Which I'm very relieved about because whenever I see him I remember how much I LOVE this guy. He's a grade-A, stand-up, top lad. I've dined with him every time we've been in the same city since we've lived apart so these concerns are all hugely overblown for effect. This most recent time, we went to The Big Bang because he had vouchers and I was curious to try out the new branch. (I went once in the pre-Oxford days when it still existed in Jericho.) It's in the Oxford castle, the most inconvenient place for either of us to get to. I went for one of the out of the ordinary sausagemeats, venison.
My venison was moist but meaty rather than fatty. The mash didn't taste particularly of garlic or rosemary, possibly because the venison was too heavy but possibly just as easily because they forgot to give me special mash. The rosemary in the gravy was again, lost on me, but it had a strong plumminess that went well with the venison. The cabbage echoed that same tartness. This is a very short review but for once, it's not my fault. How does one really dissect sausages and mash? And how does anyone bring themselves to pay £10 for an uninspiring plate of it?

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