Monday, 29 April 2013

Review - Chaophraya

I had a Bad Week and all I wanted to do was be on my own and read books and lament about how full of ennui I was. JUST KIDDING. But I did want to get out of London and forget that school aged children exist and just spend some time doing nothing. Not procrastinating, time dedicated to doing nothing. I spent my Saturday reading, shopping and eating out. Shopping has never been something I consider fun but I think that's because I've been doing it wrong. When I shop, it's because I want something specific and that's stressful. This time, I had something really specific in mind but had already previously been on a futile shop so the pressure was off. This trip was pure 'I'm going to walk around and look at pretty clothes and maybe even buy some because my mother and her credit card are here'. (I got two pairs of patterned trousers, a handbag and some Esmerelda style underwear but that's not the point.) After we were done ambling, my mother insisted we get lunch. It's almost like we had a normal relationship for the day! We went for Thai food and after walking through the maze of places (Jamie's Italian, yuck) on the little plaza by the church, we sat down in this place. I am supreme orderer when I eat with my family and I decided we should share some tempura and the 'chef special' of beef and basil with rice.
I was disappointed. The food looked pretty good but lacked the punch that John Torode always says Thai food needed. Textures were fine: crispy tempura, soft beef, sticky rice. But flavours were either lacking or non existent. I could barely taste the basil in the beef. I thought the little bits of basil might have been some nondescript pretty-looking green just for show. In a vain attempt to add some flavour, I doused the thing in the chilli accompaniment. Unfortunately, this was far too salty so then I kept having to turn to the salad for a thirst quenching break. At least that was good. So was the egg! The tempura were again pretty but unfortunate. The batter was far too heavy and that became unpleasant after a while. If I'd spent these prices on Thai in London, I'd expect it to be among the best I've ever tried. This place is almost double the price of Thai Garden yet that outclasses it completely.

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