Friday, 19 April 2013

Review - Honest Burger

I've tasted the best burger in London. I've only tried two places that are reputed to have the best but I don't need to try any more- Honest has it. I'm in a tricky situation where I can't tell if situational factors had an effect on my opinion. Biting into this burger was full of 'omg this is exactly what I wanted I didn't think I was going to get it but oh my god this is it TES YES YES YES' and so in an a When Harry Met Sally way. (A side note, I love that film!) I had had a really long day, you see. This whole week has sapped my confidence that I have what it takes to be a real life, employed grown up with commitments. I wasn't even expected to be at work that early (9.30) and I was still left exhausted and out like a light by 11 in the evening. Thursday was particularly exhausting as I had to sprint back to school after teaching to hand in some coursework. Then I had a coronation chicken DISASTER because I ordered terribly but mainly because I got coronation chicken all over my papers and inside my shoe. Chaos. Then I got off the bus too early and had to walk back to where I'd come from initially. It was only then that I noticed that the heels I'd worn were tearing my heels and causing that persistent, inimitable ache that only heels give you. After a quick hour and a half respite spent trying to convince a twelve year old with a stupidly spelt name that he does enjoy maths and he can do it, I trudged towards paddington as it was the quickest way. The Hyde Park leg of my journey was fun. What was not was the thirty minutes I spent doing laps around paddington station as I couldn't for the life of me see the entrance. (I know I'm gong to be pleased when the Crossrail is complete but right now me and my little feet hate it.) My little legs were exhausted, I really thought they were going to cave. I was not at all amused to discover that there was still a walk to go yet to the restaurant, I just wanted to curl up in bed, maybe with a bucket of chicken and definitely with a hard drink. I'm glad my companion forced me to reconsider and dragged me to the restaurant. I wasn't when we were told there was a ninety minute wait. I really thought I would cry. But my glorious, innovating companion asked the guy if we could sit outside (it was temperate and anyway, I was sweaty from all my schlepping) and hurrah, we were sat and presented with a cold beer within a minute of sitting down. It took is only a moment to decide what to have. Initially we thought we'd both have the honest but then we noticed the special and decided to get one of those as well and do our usual cutting in half bit. Both came with rosemary chips.
My first bite of this burger was probably one of my best moments of 2013. It was probably one of my best food moments ever. In that instant, I forgot about my aching corns, my tired little limbs and the fact that I was sweating all over my falling down top. All I could think about was burger. Pure, unadulterated burger. I've harped on many times before about the Big Tasty and the world of perfect forms. I was wrong. This is the perfect burger. It outclasses all other burgers I've had. Before having this burger, I was satisfied with my Meatliquor experience. Not anymore. In comparison, the Meatliquor patty seemed stringy and tough. Of course, it wasn't actually but Honest has exactly the right balance of lean and fatty that creates the perfect texture. There was the meanest dollop of ketchup adding that much needed saucy sweetness which contrasted with the salty cheddar and crispy, charred bacon. The pickled lettuce and gherkin provided a much needed watery, tangy respite. This heavenly combination was encased in the lightest, softest bun. Oh my God I thought I was going to cry, it was so good. The special had a smoky chilli sauce which worked well too but I preferred the simple Honest. I think this is the best burger in London. I only now realise that I haven't mentioned the fries. Every bit as good as the burgwr, the rosemary salt is a stroke of genius.

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