Thursday, 21 March 2013

Review - Pavillion Cafe

I awoke on Monday with the obligation to buy someone breakfast. Sometimes, unpleasant truths are revealed and they're never easy to digest. Breakfast is easy to digest and going out to find it epitomises luxury and opulence to me. Especially when it happens at 1pm. I was sneaky about this breakfast. I knew it would right all the wrongs of the previous evening because of the location. My partner in crime likes going out for meals but more in an agreeably not minding way, not because it's his favourite thing like it is for me. But I knew he'd enjoy this meal a lot more since the diner of choice was the pavillion cafe, a lakeside cafe in Victoria Park.
We both went for the Pavillion breakfast. Me, because it had no black pudding on it. Him, because he's a copycat. It came with sausage, bacon, egg, toast, bubble and squeak, beans and a fat portobello mushroom. The sausage was beautifully browned (I have new found appreciation for good sausage cooking after a recent grilling experience) but left you aching for liquid. The creaminess of the homemade beans and their soft texture were a reasonable substitute for the juice it really left you wanting. The egg had a yolk so precariously melting that I'm surprised it didn't crack on the way over to our table. The mushroom was meaty and a little watery and the bacon had the same salty richness of the sausage. The bubble and squeak was the only disappointing element, a little too sweet and unpleasantly over-parsleyed. All in all, a good breakfast but the price you pay is for the setting and quality of ingredients rather than the excitement.

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