Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Review - Tay Do

I recently learnt about the stretch of Kingsland Road with all the Vietnamese restaurants. I had plans to go there on Thursday but ended up at Honest Burger. I won't lie, I wasn't disappointed with the change in plan on that night. But there are so many Vietnamese places on that small strip of road that I couldn't delay my first trip there too long. The first opportunity to go was on Monday so off we trotted to Loong Kee Cafe. When we got there, it appeared that there was a private function on so our hopes for cheap, tasty Vietnamese food with a glass of wine were dashed. OH WAIT there are scores of others! We ended up at Tay Do cafe. We sat down and killed time while perennially late Earnest made the stressful journey there. I was really hungry and as such, kind of a chore to hang with. As soon as Earnest got there, I ordered some spring rolls so I could eat something while we chose. I plumped for lemongrass pork noodles while Earnest went for beef black bean noodles.
Let's start with the black bean - sticky with soy and rice wine, this tasted exactly the same as all other black beans I've tried. Of course, not all other black beans have the knack of tender beef there. Still, unspectacular. The lemongrass pork was more interesting but in my view, not nearly punchy enough. It was a bit meek. This meekness was overpowered by tiny basil leaves ostensibly there for show. They were bitter and unpleasant on the tongue. The pork was well seasoned and juicy and the noodles fine. Again, uninspiring. The spring rolls were a little better. They were crisp and looked wonderful and home made. The filling didn't quite match the exterior - a little bland and slightly dry, they didn't quite have the lip smacking umaminess right. Enjoyable enough.

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