Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review - The Trout

I had to be on my best behaviour over the Easter weekend because I was convinced one of my fellow diners hated me. This lady has never been anything but completely pleasant towards me but I was still concerned. Perhaps it was because of our shaky beginnings, perhaps because of an unfortunate Skype conversation I was accidentally privy to, perhaps because I'd seen sneaky hits from the Cayman Islands all the way back when. Whatever it was, I was very conscious of the fact that I really wanted, perhaps even needed, to make a better impression this time than last time. I don't know if I managed it. I talked about food the whole time because actually, all I talk about is other people and food and I don't think I come across as particularly kind or tolerant when I talk about other people. But I do come across as a boring and rather prissy imbecile when I talk about food though but I judged that to be better. And then I had a little to drink and the conversation was extended (but not limited to) insurance, mortgages and Bengali weddings (not ours). I think I did a better job this time. I'm rather impressed with myself for this: I was tired and felt horrible from four days of varying degrees of abuse and gluttony. All I wanted to do was eat salad and go to bed but I held my own. We ate at various places but nowhere new but The Trout so that is what I will review. We went for lunch and got a crappy table but it was so busy we were lucky to get any table. We ordered the baked camembert, the sticky platter, fish and chips and leek and potato soup. 
The Camembert box was creamy and had that gloriously chewy skin. The toast that came with it was slightly charred but the real treat was sticky and syrupy but slightly tart quince. Lovely. The lamb koftas on the sticky platter was a bit dry but had a solid flavour. Chicken wings weren't crispy enough but again, pleasantly saccharine. The real treat from the sticky platter was the tzatziki and the salad smothered in that same yoghurty goodness. Despite the coating, the cucumber and carrot were clear and present. The watermelon that sat alongside everything was inspired and I really enjoyed it. The fish and chips, like everything else, was perfectly fine but a bit boring. The tastes were nice enough but just had nothing special going for them.

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