Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Review - Little Georgia

You know how sometimes you plan on something and it exceeds all your expectations? That happened with Little Georgia. So much so that I had to send an email mid-meal about it. Before the meal, I was reconsidering my Georgian food choice and sort of craving turmeric since I'd had a turmeric free week. I'm really glad I didn't though because this place is a hidden gem. I know it's lame to use that phrase in most contexts and also a bit creepy since we watched Notes on a Scandal after dinner but that's what it is! Well, it is to me. It's pretty big on the Internet. We got there, we marvelled: he at the fun Georgian map and me at a strange rag doll. We chose the mixed mezze and the lamb kebab.
The mixed mezze is beautiful. It's served on a platter and is so colourful that it looks like a paint palette. But not one f those cartoon paint palettes with the tiniest squeeze of a circular blob, a real one with all the colours running into one another but never homogenising. The purple, creamy slaw was my favourite. Or maybe the almost fruity potato salad. Or the rich, dark aubergine goulash. Oh, I can't choose. It was all so spectacular. Even the garnishes were well thought out: ripe, luscious tomatoes tucked between the little patches of heaven. The lobiani which accompanied it was springy like a mattress and hid smoky, deep pork. The lamb felt almost unnecessary but it was so tender and intricately spiced that I didn't care. An exceptional meal.

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