Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review - Loong Kee Cafe

I've previously talked about how it's hard to tell if I like (or dislike) a place because of the food or the whole experience, including the company. That is the theme again in this post. The company was stellar this time but I wasn't in the best of moods. I was tired and hungry and I'd spent the last two hours having a slightly more arduous than usual lesson with a kid who hates maths. Although then I made him a hot chocolate and he seemed pleased and I felt guilty for having resented him for the previous two hours. I'm just in a particularly bitter, disappointed and jealous place at the moment. All this applying for jobs is making me really resentful of the people I know who walk into things because they're rich and well connected. Some of the websites make me want to cry at all the hurdles I have to jump. All the tutoring is making me similarly resentful of all these kids who have literally everything but still need someone to coax them to do their homework. I recognise that these are incredibly childish attitudes to have and that envy is an ugly shade on me so I'm hoping this passes quickly. I also recognise that on the luck and privilege bell curve I'm doing really well and so I'm just as ungrateful as the others I'm judging. But while I was sitting in Loong Kee being awful company for Contrary, I just felt too disheartened to talk or taste. I need a holiday. So bear this in mind when I discuss the food here.
We had some prawn rolls to start and I was really disappointed by them. They were soggy and sticky with the casing and though the prawn within was delicious, there was so little of it that it only increased my despondency. The mixed meat platter I'd shared with a visiting New-Yorker on the previous visit was much more enjoyable - smoky satay, crisp rolls, sticky garnish. The beef was fresh but the whole thing was a little lacklustre. The noodles were a little limp and not quite dressed enough. The beef was ever so slightly on the too-tough side (this is definitely me being picky though) and I'm not sure how I feel about the fresh vegetables. I enjoyed the pak choi but the fresh tomato and the almost metallic amount of coriander just wasn't impressing me. But the question is, was it the food, my mood or maybe just a personal taste about Vietnamese food that coloured my judgement on this visit?

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