Sunday, 26 May 2013

Review - Rosa's

After going on about how I'm all sensible and adult now, I made a spectacular return to first-year form on Tuesday/Wednesday. I could blame a variety of reasons but really what I'm trying to say is that I overdid it by accident. And that was a mistake. And then after having already overdone it, I made an even bigger mistake and that was ill advised too. But then I made the mistake of drinking some more and as it turns out that served to stop anything worse happening. I woke up on Wednesday thinking 'oh Lord what has happened what is this you're a joke you're failure how did this happen'. I had to cancel all my commitments and I just felt like the worst person in the world. I achieved nothing (except fainting in the shower) and felt like the best advert for not binge-drinking that ever was. After I'd managed to resurface and wash, I still felt dark and dizzy but I thought that maybe being forced to get out of bed and be sensible and sober at a dinner would be a good idea. I was right! And I got to review Rosa's. As is polite when you're eating with someone else's family, I followed their lead. Fish cakes, summer rolls, soft shell crab, vegetarian green curry, stir fried aubergine, pineapple rice and stir fried Highland venison. Mmm. Rosa's has a system where all their specialties appear in red on the menu and most of these were scarlet.
Of the starters, the fish cakes stole the show. They had a terrific texture, hard but somehow still a little flaky, warm and meaty. The summer rolls were cold and filled with a delightfully spiced vegetable filling, fresh but not overpoweringly zesty. The soft shell crab were enjoyable but the batter somewhat overpowered the delicate crab. Sweet, peanuty, heady sauces accompanied every dish and they were maybe most delicious of all. That same headiness made an appearance in the aubergine, it was more like what I recognise as Sichuan rather than Thai. But obviously, I am not as informed on this matter as Rosa. I don't know if it was because it reminded me of last night's wine or what but one piece of the sweltering dizziness was enough for me. The venison was tender and juicy but did make me wonder whether it added anything to be cooked with venison rather than beef as the gaminess was lost somewhat. The pineapple rice was a treat - jewelled with sultanas and soft, sweet prawns. Absolutely great. The green curry was creamy but lively and probably the third best that I've enjoyed after Thai Garden and Chiang Mai. Overall - impressive but not as impressive as I remember.

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