Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Review - Four Seasons

After having spent a miserable weekend at home being lonely and thinking about abortion (for my dissertation, not because I need one), the Explorer joined me in London. I was recently exceptionally lame and commented how I was excited for him to be around in summer as it meant I could do all the London things I love best but with him in tow. But then came the realisations over the past two entries that it's really hard to do much but eat and roll around when we're in eachother's company. The temptation to be lazy and insular grows even stronger when we end up doing activities which, in retrospect, we would have preferred to avoid. That's what happened on Tuesday. We had a typical 'date night' planned - dinner and a show. Both the restaurant and the show came highly recommended yet both left us feeling underwhelmed. I'll only talk about the restaurant here for obvious reasons. Four Seasons is, apparently, the restaurant with the highest stock in the world. Two friends with more developed tastes than me had previously been and gave it pleasing reviews. I really don't know why. I was so disappointed. We ordered a plate of their famed barbecued meats, prawn noodles, rice and, despite many attempts to be dissuaded by the waiter ('Chinese like this, you won't like this'), aubergine with minced pork. I was really uninspired by everything. If I hadn't been so hungry, much more would've gone to waste.

Noodles were boring, soggy and dressed with far too much soy. The three slivers of spring onion brought no relief from the texture hell. The texture of the aubergine, on the other hand, was pleasing. It's just a shame that the taste didn't match. The barbecued meats arrived woefully late and seemed promising to begin with. Crisp, well sliced duck, crispy belly pork and char sui. All nicely smoked but not nealu enough. In fact, the overriding flavour was just sugar. It was much too sweet. Given my recent experience of the more complexly flavoured grilled meats at Mangal, I was prone to be more disappointed than I otherwise might have been. Also, just as I was beginning to enjoy the crisp on the belly pork, I had another bite that tasted almost fecal and that was it for my enjoyment of this meal. Hey, at least I got to write a bad review! That hasn't happened in a while.

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