Thursday, 6 June 2013

Review - Lucky Chip at the Sebright Arms

I've spent this week seeing people I haven't seen in a while (with varying levels of enjoyment and success) and eating burgers. So this post is going to be all about burgers. The Explorer doesn't really get burgers. He thinks that they're bog-standard, you can get them anywhere and they'll never be particularly good. He's so wrong. To make things worse, he thinks burgers are improved by adding more to them. Again, wrong! The beauty of a burger is not in the condiments. It's only possible to think that when you're having an average burger. And that's exactly what I was doing on Tuesday evening where I tried a Big Ben from this place. The burger was so average that it needed chilli, egg, bacon and cheese to bring it out of its mediocre mire. I mean, it was enjoyable enough and it came with curly fries which is obviously great, but just not quite there. That's the thing with an average burger, you only realise it's average when you chase it with an actually delicious burger. And that's what I (thought I) had at the Sebright Arms where Lucky Chip are doing a residency. I ordered the El Chappo while the Mathematician had a Royale. We got some jalapeno cheese croquettes and wasabi mayo chips to share as well.
You could immediately tell that this burger had much more care and thought behind it; the bun had been lightly fried and therefore had a deliciously greasy sheen to it. Within, perfectly medium rare patty. Mine was surrounded by the hum and spice of a fresh, grilled jalapeno and a madly addictive blue cheese and aioli dip. I was having a thoroughly great time. UNTIL half way through the monstrosity I sort of felt almost ill and headachey. A guy from my course went to Honest Burger and said that at first he thought it was tasty but it got to a point where he realised it was just salt. I don't agree with his assessment, particularly now that I've had a Lucky Chip experience where that's exactly what happened. Nevertheless, salt headache aside, this was a superenjoyable burger. It just should've come with a gallon of water to counteract the heart attack inducing quantity of salt and fat. The croquettes were similar delicious but unhealthy. They were exactly what I wanted when I was craving jalapeno croquettes before but was disappointed by Burger King's limp, floury imitation. The chips were crisp and nothing special. But the wasabi mayo/sweet chilli ginger dip combination was inspired. We worked out the best way to eat them was to dip one end of each chip in each. Mmm. 

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