Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Review - Stingray Globe Cafe

That trite little saying about the best laid plans has proved itself to be true again. In the words of Contrary, my list of London things is in need of 'judicious pruning'. I've realised the main obstacle to my doing other activities: food. Often, my plans involve following food with an activity. More often, I get the food bit done but not the activity. On Sunday, we were to spend our day with no food until the end when we deserved it. (Except the picnic beforehand. Which was rudely cast aside by the overcast weather.) Firstly: the Serpentine. Closed. Read the 'closed until...' sign as 8 June, not 28 June. Never mind! We'll go to the Stephen Friedman. Again, closed. And by this time, the late nights had caught up with us and had lost all enthusiasm for going home only to head out again to the Wallace Collection. Or the much closer Museum of London. Or even the literally around the corner Approach. Instead, we relocated our picnic indoors and napped. And after that, I reluctantly dressed up in a nice dress to match my new bracelet but we felt too zombie-like with our post nap, slight G&T haze to make the very short trip to dinner. We contemplated going just around the corner to La Vecchia Gondola but that was too much. If we were going to settle for mediocre pizza, I wanted there to be a chance that it was good. Or at least a little cheaper.
At just over £10 a head with drinks, this was certainly cheap. Quattro stagioni, spaghetti bolognese and salad. Housemate had the boscaiola of which I didn't try any but he finished it so quickly, it must have been tasty. The spaghetti was sweet and almost fruity. The honey mustard dressing lightly coating the salad was tart and accompanied the spaghetti well. Pasta was slightly overcooked but I kind of like it that way. The pizza had a crisp, thin base upon which the terrifically Italian toppings flourished. Cheesy and moist and salty. While the food wasn't particularly memorable, it was cheap and (to coin a cliche) cheerful. I'll be visiting again.

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