Friday, 19 July 2013

Review - Buen Provecho

I proved my point about how I feel about clubbing on Saturday. I woke up missing one of my actually nice and not in any way fashion jewellery earrings (I used the wrong back, it was dire) and with a very small chip in the corner of both my phone and my eye. We're matching! A corollary of not doing the whole lads lads lads thing very frequently means that if ever I feel like dipping my toes, it will inevitably not be limited to toe dipping and will instead be a case of jumping into the freezing pool headfirst. I think I used that metaphor because of how bloody hot it is. Y'all didn't get to see my post about how I like when the weather is good for ages because I don't feel this stress and pressure to be outside all the time anymore. Now, it's reached the point where it's a bit boring and actually, London's underground network is in no way shape or form built for hot weather. I've been going out of my way to avoid the tube over these past few days. On this particular Saturday, the journey to Street Feast was limited to one bus only. And even that bus was insufferable and nausea-inducing. But it was worth it. When we got there, we were greeted with a very midtown deep South thing going on. All arid yet checked. I went straight for the Buen Provecho. Tacos with the pork, beef and chicken with all the toppings.
I love it when food which comes with a spice warning is actually spicy. I love it even more when it's not gratuitously so, it's flavour spice rather than ridiculous and unnecessary spice. Those flavourful red onions, pickled and spicy with fresh chilli. It was just so hot and opened all of my sinuses and just made everything tingle, not in a dirty way. The red, sticky, tangy sauce was equally hot but in a smokier way this time. The salsa of deliciously ripe tomatoes and the zingiest coriander contrasted well and cooled everything down. I haven't even mentioned the meats. I was too busy scoffing everything into my little mouth to notice which flavours matched which meats. But they again had the smokiest, charcoal umami goodness to them. I will be eating here again and reviewing with more specificity. I'll be eating there mainly to lap up the goodness for a second time rather than to be able to review again.

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