Sunday, 28 July 2013

Review - Indian YMCA

Hey, I have an actual tip to share! Not a tip which is shared by the whole of London to the extent that the restaurant involved can make you queue, either. An original, good value food tip for central London. The Indian YMCA! When I was staying in some horrid smelling UCL digs, my father kept telling me to go to the Indian YMCA for dinner. I, being 20 years old and perfectly capable of feeding myself, scoffed and said that I could deal with a few weeks of turmeric-free food. (A tangent: I haven't had turmeric home-cooked goodness for over a month now and it is kinda getting to me.) But one lunch time, I wandered down all the same. You should do the same; the food is well proportioned, cheap and delicious. Never special or fancy but probably the closest thing to ACTUAL home cooked Indian subcontinent food in London.
Rich bowls of mainly sauce with a few succulent pieces of slightly stringy lamb. The Explorer glanced at the meagre amount of meat and commented that he was really hungry and we should get two but I dismissed his suggestion as the amount provided was what you would traditionally be served for two people. It's the sauce that's the best bit! And that's why the sauce is plentiful. Overwhelmingly spicy mixed vegetables had enough crumbly potato to soak up everything's flavour. The chappati was made to drown in the meat sauce. The lentil rice was smooth yet still hot. And of course, a crisp, simple salad to keep everything light. The bhajis and raita were the only bits which I didn't recognise as 'like my parents' food' and even they were delicious. This meal put me in such a positive mood, I couldn't help but want the job I was interviewing for around the corner even more. I could just picture myself lunching on chappatis and vegetables every Friday. Sigh. If you, unlike me, have a job which puts you near Warren Street at lunch time, definitely eat here.

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