Friday, 26 July 2013

Review - Patty & Bun

It was high time for another burger. Patty & Bun was next on my list because it uses a pretentious ampersand and follows the 'something and something' naming format. Also, most in its favour, we were in the area. And there was no queue on account of it being 6pm on a Tuesday. We went for the Ari Gold (because my name's Ari and I am gold) and the Jose because the Explorer loves all things South and Central American. We also got some confit chicken wings and rosemary salt chips. My verdict: really great burgers, better than Meatliquor, but no Honest Burger or Lucky Chip.
Firstly, the chips didn't have that honest, discrete, 'wow I can really taste the rosemary except it's not really like rosemary it's just addictive saltiness' quality to them. The bun wasn't quite as sweet and the separate elements of the burger were a little lost in each other. But I can pick out a few highlights. The smoky frankfurter topping was inspired. The smoky mayonnaise was INSANE. As was the hot sauce. The star of the show was the chicken. Whoever thought to confit chicken wings deserves all my praise. Of course, everything was a certain level of delicious and I'd very happily visit here again. But I'd prefer to go to Honest or Lucky Chip.

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