Saturday, 31 August 2013

Recipe - Sausage, White Bean and Cabbage Stew

Sometimes, I can tell that the Explorer secretly doesn't like what I've cooked. Thankfully, this doesn't often coincide with the things which I cook which are actually bad. They're more just not to his tastes. And I usually don't really mind when he doesn't care for something because it tends to mean I accidentally made something healthy but this was part of our 'hooray we're reunited' dinner. It was supposed to be a protein heavy (that's what you need for growth and repair), Spanish delicious sausage-y goodness. It was (somewhat surprisingly) delicious but not at all Spanish. It was heavy on both caraway and paprika so we can pretend it was a stew preparing us for our upcoming Budapest trip. Here it is.

Sausage, White Bean and Cabbage Stew
1 onion, diced
200g chorizo, diced
4 cloves garlic, minced
Smoked sausage, dicedMushrooms, choppedHalf a savoy cabbage, shredded1 can white beans400ml chicken stockHalf tablespoon smoked paprika1 tsp dried thyme1 bay leafPepper to taste

In a non stick frying pan, heat the chorizo over a medium heat until the fat renders.
Fry onion and garlic in the chorizo oil until the onions are very soft and starting to brown.
Add the smoked sausage, cabbage and mushrooms and fry for a further 2 - 3 minutes, adding a touch of olive oil if necessary.
Add the beans, stock, paprika, thyme and bay.
Bring to a simmer and stew on a low heat for about an hour (or longer if you have it).
Season with pepper at the end, to taste.

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