Thursday, 1 August 2013

Review - Brindisa

I had a moment of realising that my friends and I are all sort of annoying and the things that we like to do, while pleasant, are equally annoying and frequented by similar slightly twattish types. This moment of realisation came when the Explorer and I went to a private view with his parents. We went primarily for the free drinks, as I'm sure many of the attendees do. However, I hadn't previously realised that most people don't seem like they're attending for the free drinks. Indeed, it had never quite occurred to me how pretentious the private view audience usually is. Even the crowd for something where very, very few know about the poor to mediocre art on display. As the evening continued, it became apparent that the pretension in my day to day life isn't limited to the very occasional private view I attend. Almost all of the restaurants I most want to go to are ridiculously overhyped on social media. You can't tell who the all powerful list girl is as she (and it is usually a she) blends into the black of well-heeled, cocktail-clutching diners. This was the scene at Polpo where we were eventually told that there'd be a two hour wait for a table. I'm secretly glad, I don't think I could've handled being surrounded by twenty something young professionals who I have more in common with than I'd like (except the well-cut wardrobe, salary enough for fancy drinks and casual confidence) after having seen them through the eyes of two different generations. We headed back to the safety of La Porchetta but on the way, we spotted Brindisa. A happy medium. My apologies about the god-awfully unhelpful picture - I get the impression the Explorers don't like phones at the table because the Explorer himself abhorrs it.
Pan de coca - dreamy, tart, fresh.

Scallops - sweet puree, charred bacon, melting scallops

Chilli garlic prawns - just cooked, soaked in oil harmonised with red, dry chillies and juicy garlic

Catalan spinach - the best vegetable dish I've ever had the pleasure of meeting

Patatas bravas - sauce so rich almost like mayonnaise. Wonderful.

Tortilla - moreish and deep, you could taste that they had let the flavours soak in egg and develop. So fluffy too!

Bomba - my favourite. Just try it.

Pork belly - the only disappointment. Tender but with a slight after-smell of cack. Yucky.

Ox cheeks - reminded me of rabo de toro, glossy, plummy sauce. Almost headache inducing in rich butteriness. But so soft.

Chorizo on toast - so disappointed by this order I almost sprang out of character back to my usual micromanaging self. But I'm so pleased I didn't - the bread was as pleasing as any of the bespoke bread dishes and it was drenched in smoky chorizo oil. Oh my God the combination of flavour and texture of the fresh piquillo against the contrasting bread and meat. A beautiful surprise.

Ewe's milk cheese - again surprisingly delicious. So flavoursome, not too salty. Almost like pudding cheese. With pudding jam. I'm so sad I didn't get pudding.

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