Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Review - Chez Legume

Last night, I went for dinner in Barnes. Why was I in Barnes? Well, a friend who has let me stay at his house many times has opened a restaurant there so we thought we'd go and visit. On the menu was lemon and garlic roasted chicken with trimmings. It was bring your own booze and olive oil. 

I arrived and was sat at a stool. Curiously, the chef asked for advice about lemon juice quantities. The other diners and I offered to help - we parboiled some potatoes. An hour and a half and two bottles of wine later, we ate. The chicken was moist and succulent with a crisp, caramelised skin. The potatoes were fluffy and moreish and heady with fat. The carrots were sweet and browned, adding just the right hint of freshness. We all left clean plates, even the Man Who Hates Food.

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