Monday, 12 August 2013

Review - Curry 2000

We have a house! I mean, I already live in a house (flat) but it was vaguely time to start looking for a new one. I thought that I'd be a little better at it this time but I'm not sure I was. It was still a process full of self doubt and panic. Especially for me because I'm the only person who's seen where we're moving to. I didn't just make the call and steamroll everyone into it. (Well, eventually I did but wait for me to explain.) Contrary was going to see the house too and we weren't going to make a decision until she'd seen it. But then the next morning, when I was looking at Gumtree's offerings again, I remembered exactly what calibre of house we could reasonably expect in our price range. And then I realised how this house is a cut above the others. So then I reassessed and told her that I thought we should take it straight away but also that I felt too panicky just making the call myself. So I went and took a video! And then there was added stress from the videos being too big to send by email. I ended up physically taking them to her in west London because it was vaguely on the way to tutoring. She saw them, she asked some questions and then WE SAID YES. Woo. She still hasn't seen the house so maybe she'll hate it after all but she can seek solace in the fact that we have some great restaurants nearby. Our local supercheap YMCA-style takeaway is this place. Curry 2000.
We shared spinach and potato curry, mixed vegetable curry, lamb curry and some roti and paratha. Now, usually, it's undoubtedly the right call to get roti instead of paratha. Not from Curry 2000. The freshly made paratha is so crisp, so thin. It's slightly flaky but not at all greasy. It tastes almost of lentils in its earthiness. The roti, however, is not thin enough. It's almost doughy like naan and a little wet. The spinach was a little greyish from having been kept on a hot plate but it still delivered on flavour. The potatoes, as usual, had soaked up that wholesome flavour. The lamb was a little watery but nicely tender. It had the right 'just like home' taste to it. The mixed vegetables were the standout dish - a sweet combination of cauliflower and aubergine. And peas! It shone yellow and could've been mistaken for one of Mama Haque's.

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