Saturday, 31 August 2013

Review - The Gallery

WHY CAN'T THINGS GO RIGHT SOMETIMES? Wait, why am I expecting my life to continue being charmed and problem-free? Why do I sometimes feel unable to cope with my problems when really, by all accounts, they are the definition of NBD? Why can't I just relax, not overthink/plan everything and just deal with what situations are thrown at me? Well, my plan for this year is to learn to do JUST that. I'm gonna meditate and do pilates and practise mindfulness and shit. You know it's all a bit out of hand when your mother, who suffers from the exact same character flaws as you, tells you you need to chill out and roll with the punches a little more. 'Hey, I've been there, landlords and letting agents are dickheads. Just accept the situation you've been presented with, try to be polite and move on.' Sound advice. Then we went to this cafe.
The falafel was sweet with cumin and crumbly. The sauces were light and the salad almost spicy with onion. The jacket potato was just that: a hot, crispy (but not quite crispy enough) potato with gooey cheese and beans. The salad was dressed and of a decent size. The peanut butter cupcake was my sticky, nutty favourite.

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