Saturday, 17 August 2013

Review - Sagar

I spoke too soon. I got all excited about cookware and how to spend my Amazon voucher before the rug was pulled out from under my feet. THE RECESSION STRIKES AGAIN. At the time of finding out everything was falling to pieces, I was in a lesson with a sweet but stupid student. (Incidentally, I've convinced myself his parents are paying for his tuition with laundered dirty charity money.) It was the last place I wanted to be: the only place where I was denied from checking my emails and texts and making calls. When I most needed to do all of those things in a big flurry. I hate big flurry. Flurry is the worst. (So is Carrie Bradshaw - I'm watching SATC and I'm really glad we've graduated to Girls and Frances Ha now.) Anyway, a little later, it seemed more OK because I ate a tuna bagel and I was impressed by how one measly bagel can fill you up for so many hours. Once I'd stopped shaking, things seemed more manageable, mainly because we'd managed things a little more. (Take note, employers, I handle a crisis very well.) By dinner time, I felt almost optimistic about things again. The only memory of the flurry from earlier was that Ex-Future-Housemate couldn't join us when she'd recommended the restaurant in the first place. Sagar, a cheap vegetarian Indian place in Covent Garden. The tuna bagel had worn off by dinner so we had masala dosa, aloo paratha, chana chat, aloo gobi, vegetable biryani.
Christ, everything was ALIVE with flavour. The dosa was sour with whatever they make dosas with. Those sour notes could be found in the creamy but hot chana chat. The sambar with the dosa was tart and sweet and sticky and really reminiscent of curry sauce from McDonalds (that is wholeheartedly a compliment). The rice was buttery with ghee and fresh with peas. The aloo paratha was my favourite, fluffy and moreish. The aloo gobi added a great kick of spicy freshness. I ate so much that I thought I was going to vomit. (Please ignore that last bit.)

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