Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Review - Spuntino

I met Incredibly Good Looking for dinner. Actually, let's stop calling him that. Calling him that has had the desired effect already. Let's call him the Acquisitioner. (He'll be merging and acquisitioning companies soon. Yes, I know the verb is acquiring.) I had wanted to meet him for a while to talk about how I've recently been hating everything more than usual but every time, it seemed inappropriate. This time was no different. We were to meet at Spuntino on Thursday evening. I was doubtful about our table acquisitioning skills but as it turned out, I was ten minutes late and he was ten minutes early. So by the time I got there, there was no waiting left to be done. We were sat on some stools at the back. Our overly chatty waiter who clearly thought the Acquisitioner was treating me (obv wasn't) came and recommended that we order lots, so we did. I spent some time trying to remember if it was the truffle cheese toast or the egg and soldiers that was the king dish here. We settled on the truffle cheese toast but I think that was the wrong call. 
It was tasty but the strength of the cheese rather obviated the need for truffle oil. It added a nuttiness but not quite enough. Then came the rest: the four sliders, the spuntino slaw, the panzanelle and the chips. 
Let's start with the slaw. Shredded, bitter, slightly underdressed with vinegar. The panzanelle was clearly the superior salad. Multicoloured tomatoes dressed in a tonne of olive oil which had all emulsified with the tomato juice and soaked into the croutons. Oh baby. Now, the sliders. Mr. Slightly Annoying Waiter thought the pulled pork was the best. I agree that the pork was soft and moist and stringy and sweet as it should be. But the baby coated prawn stole the show. Just so moreish. The creamy mayonnaise with the crumb and the just cooked prawn. Really great. The other burgers were only slightly less impressive and cooked to a perfect medium. Did it live up to expectations? I'm not sure. But that's only because my expectations were SKY HIGH. I'd certainly return.

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