Thursday, 1 August 2013

Review - This Bright Field

I had a strange time on Friday night. I had a lovely dinner with the Explorer and his parents and then set out for what was supposed to be an excellent time. It was and it wasn't. It mainly wasn't because we were being drunk and stupid and I was getting all 'why u infringing my liberty?' But then everything improved drastically after the bad hour. Except we didn't end up going anywhere so I was just all dizzy and needed help carrying my shoes and chicken nuggets home. The next day was devoted to Hampton Court but of course, we didn't make it. We didn't even make it to Regent's Park because after wandering out to lunch, we needed nap. A really long nap. But brunch was good. Which is a relief since it was the only thing we did all day.
The Explorer was craving chicken Caesar salad and that's what brought us here. The big sign reading 'chicken Caesar wrap' outside. I, in my tired sleep indecision, settled upon poached eggs with salmon and spinach. It was the best choice of those available and obviously, we did our halves. The hollandaise was perfect. The eggs soft and almost buttery. The salmon was sharp and the spinach the correct amount of raw but heated to wilt slightly. The chicken Caesar was fresh, wholesome and slightly acidic amongst the creaminess. I can certainly understand why the Explorer was so set on it. However, £20 for two breakfasts and some juice (!), it was a little overpriced.

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