Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Recipe - Fat Cat Cafe

The whole house debacle left us in a quagmire. The best solution seemed to be to live in a bigger house with more people than rooms. In other words, I'm SHACKING UP with the Explorer. Now, you might wonder why I'm not totally paralysed by fear (I am) at someone with an already huge share of my life expanding that share. It's only for six months and the thought of upgrading to a nicer house for less money is just too tempting. And anyway, I'll be out a lot and he'll be at the lib so really we're only sharing a bed at night which we'd probably do anyway. So it's allllll fine. And I enjoy playing house with the Explorer most of the time anyway. Brunching in Stoke Newington (at Fat Cat Cafe) is the archetypal example of one of those times.
I thought 'organic' would translate to small portions. Incorrect! It means massive portions of delicately prepared, wholesome nourishment. A salty slab of bacon, a sausage which was certainly more herb than salt and wedges of thick cut bread with those things that look like nuts in the crust. I haven't even mentioned the HOME MADE BAKED BEANS. They warmed me up even though I was forgot both a jumper and a coat. (I miss summer.) If I had to criticise anything, it would be the mushrooms which were a little more watery than I would've liked. But I had to think real hard for a criticism just then.

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