Friday, 20 September 2013

Review - Hache

When I started this blog, I had no real responsibilities to speak of. (Yet I spent a lot of time being miserable and upset at things which I recognise as supremely idiotic now.) That left plenty of time to have thoughts and write those thoughts down and tenuously linked them to something I ate. It even left time to EDIT. Those days are gone. I considered shutting down the blog but I think that would be sad and, from a completely selfish point of view, I like having a record of where I eat and what I cook. But over this past week, I've been madly trying to get people to complete references for me at the same time as tutoring and applying for every job I can stomach. (Potential employers - I've thrived on the pressure and have succeeded in all of my undertakings this week.) During the down time, I didn't really want to blog. I just wanted some mindless time. But now that the mad rush is over and I'm just applying for jobs, there's a little scope to procrastinate now. I think it would be appropriate to talk about the first time I've felt truly relaxed over the past three weeks: drinks and a meal after having signed for the new house. HOORAY.
Dinner wasn't planned. We went for drinks at a crappy, hyper-polished, after-work bar on Curtain Road to celebrate house signing and after two beers, I didn't feel like cooking. I felt like eating a greasy, sloppy burger. Hache was down the road and had previously been recommended to me so there we went. I thought the Explorer would prefer this place to the other burger joints we've visited primarily because they load their burgers with toppings. (I've taken to predicting what he'll get from every menu and I haven't yet been wrong.) We ordered the mexican burger (of course), the steak blue cheese and for sides, sweet potato fries and coleslaw. The blue cheese was a little bit too heavy for the burger in my opinion. I wasn't too disappointed that some of it had gone all melty and floated out of the burger and made no move to rebuild it. The burger itself was moist and meaty and difficult to describe because how do you describe that glorious savoury sensation? I mopped up the cheese with some sweet potato fries and coleslaw. I regret to inform you that the first few bites of the sweet potato (or maybe the coleslaw, I couldn't tell which) had a strange fishy taste. As if it had been fried in the same oil as the fish burgers. I used the strength of the stilton to glide past that though and I was relieved to find that the weird fishiness disappeared. Strange. Anyway, I don't think that's a particularly good reflection on the restaurant because of what Smitten Kitchen said about the sides at a meat place supposedly being top class. I'm being overly critical though, after the strange first taste disappeared, the sweet potatoes were dry and crisp, as fries should be, and the coleslaw was acidic but sweet with onion juice. The mexican burger was better than the steak blue cheese: I was pleased to see the toppings came in a little pot for you to add. They worked really well together but also with the red meat. The mexican burger works better with the ciabatta bun but I think if we're to compare just buns, brioche wins. Pretty good, but at £35 for two with beers, slightly more expensive than the other (better) burger places.

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