Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Review - Bickles

I was recently complaining about how parties were a chore. I suppose that makes me an old, bitter woman. I would contest this though: parties ARE a chore until about midnight. When sobriety is still somewhat in charge, all that people talk about is their jobs and where they live and other incredibly mundane topics. Talking about jobs DEPRESSES me at the moment. Talking about where I live invites the judging 'oh you live with your boyfriend AGED 22' glare and then I have to do my whole bit about how nothing's really changed and I'm still a young, independent woman (who just happens to eat 80% of meals and spend 97% of nights with the same person). But then beyond midnight, it's all fun and games and talking about inappropriate things and becomes a great opportunity to meet people. And, as that Match.com advert keeps reminding me, those opportunities will slowly dwindle until they peter out completely. So I regret not making it to midnight at the party I attended after Bickles. Now, let's talk about Bickles.
Curry goat and jerk chicken. We are boring orderers. But it's so difficult to order anything else when both of those dishes are so bloody good when done right. The chicken was full of allspice and a light smokiness. The curry goat still won though: almost creamy in its tender fattiness. And again, so yellow that the sticky rice and peas quickly began to resemble a river next to a power plant. OK I'm going to go and make my lacklustre jerk swordfish and think about that curry now.

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