Thursday, 17 October 2013

Review - Caphe House

The whole house saga has spurred me into doing something for the people who are constantly being fucked over: I volunteer and write letters for them now! So far, I feel that I've helped precisely no one. But maybe soon. This means that I'm in Bermondsey for a few days a week. I've rigorously resisted succumbing to buying lunch out of a feeling of CBA. Nevertheless, I treated myself to a banh mi because I was mega craving one. The Explorer was kind enough to bring it to me in between volunteering and tutoring and we sat and ate in a bleak Bermondsey 'playground'.
It itched the scratch (in this metaphor the scratch is for banh mi) beautifully. The bread was so hard and crunchy that I are my baguette upside down. The pork was salty and soft and had just the right hint of interesting spice. The pâté similarly filled the niche of soft but sweet and umami while the fresh chillies and coriander added a hot, contrasting kick. I want another one now.

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