Sunday, 27 October 2013

Review - LMNT

IT'S HAPPENED I'M TO BE EMPLOYED (haven't signed the contract yet touch wood and other superstitions). While I was on the phone being informed of this fact, I did a small dance which involved half skipping while kicking my legs out in different directions and I think that was an accurate reflection of how pleased I was/am. Really, the past six months have been miserable. I have stuffed my face with lots of food (actually, that bit was pretty good for the most part but there were also bleak moments involving being alone with fast food), slept both not enough and too much and resented so many people either for asking me about my employment situation or for giving me THE LOOK which just invited lots of 'LOOK I'M FINE OK IT WILL HAPPEN' but obviously I didn't say that because preserving friendships (and relationships) is 20% about just letting things go. (Wow, that was a long sentence but I will neither fragment nor consider revising.) Anyway, HOORAY. I went shopping and then I went for coffee and then I did some more shopping online and then I had prosecco and dinner at LMNT and then I fell into the most peaceful, deep sleeps.
I am so pleased that my trip to LMNT coincided with a sort of celebration. The atmosphere is that of jubilance and celebration. Being sat in an urn is both fun and funny. The cocktails are strong (even though by cocktail hour I no longer needed strong drinks), the wine is reasonable both in price and quality and the food is delicious. (The food is also mad great value if you go with a tastecard.) The mussels worked wonderfully despite being both creamy and lemograssy. Really, I just wanted to suck on those little shells even after they emptied. My lamb was charred nicely although slightly too smokily in some places. Still, had an enjoyable tender but still chewy texture. The cous cous (I don't even like cous cous sometimes) was INSANELY well flavoured. It was just full of it. And the creamy mint-yoghurt dressing worked well with both the lamb and the wonderful cous cous. I was far too full for tarte tatin with ice cream for afters but I felt compelled to eat more than I wanted as it was so warming and full of cinnamony apple and vanilla. The pastry was my favourite bit. LMNT is my current favourite restaurant in London.

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