Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Review - Sen Viet

STOP THE PRESS, I think I like Vietnamese food after all. Wait, what? I'm not supposed to launch right into talking about the food before giving some spiel about an exaggerated personal 'problem'. Anyway, this one will bitch about juggling time and maintaining friendships. It's a lot harder when everyone has more to do. And when people are located in different places. And some other obvious points. I was supposed to be eating with Earnest on this particular evening but then my pa was in town and he seemed like he'd be sadder if I didn't eat with him than she would. I wanted to go to Burger and Shake but my dad looked all old and tired so I picked the restaurant opposite for its proximity. It turned out to be a great choice and has turned my opinion of Vietnamese food around completely.

The crispy sea bass felt like it couldn't be beaten - light batter which didn't obscure the just cooked fish. But the salad underneath it was, in my opinion, the real star of the dish. Juicy mango scattered with fresh chilli and herbs. Mmm. The beef, in comparison, was rather boring. But it wasn't actually boring! It was hearty and so soft. Vietnamese is my new favourite because of Sen Viet.

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