Friday, 25 October 2013

Review - St John breakfast

The only good thing about interviews is the breakfast that follows it. It's so much more exhausting than being rejected without interview. It's the fact that the door has been cracked open and you've got to find a way to pry it open by reading and rehearsing and thinking of stars (situation, task, answer, response). It's also incredibly boring and followed by an inevitable post-game analysis that you desperately want to avoid but really, truly can't help. Afterwards, I always feel like I've been put through a tumble dryer (seriously, who uses wringers anymore?) - a mixture of spent, confused and sick. Hey, that's like how one feels after going home with someone regrettable! And afterwards, all that can make it better is a long sleep in a warm bed (and mild amnesia) but breakfast is a close second. Anyway, I was interviewing near Liverpool Street so it seemed like an opportune time to try St John's old spot bacon sandwich.
This sandwich is perfect. Really, no other sandwich I've had compares (sorry, Olives). Its genius is in its simplicity and my lack of genius is about to be displayed through how in adequately I can describe this sandwich. It leaves you repeatedly questioning 'how did they make just bacon and bread taste so good?' Well, the freshly baked St John bread is so light that the creamy, slightly salted butter drips through it onto your fingers. There is SO MUCH bacon. And it's all so salty yet so crisp even though it doesn't look it. But it tastes, above all else, thick and meaty. The smoky sauce, which tastes like a magic combination of ketchup BBQ brown, is unnecessary but so fruitily delicious that I appreciate it all the same.

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